Brand Leader Model

  • In this series of reports, we unpack Seventy Agency’s Brand Leader Model and share our learnings about changing consumer mindsets, interesting companies and the most innovative activities.

  • The brand leader model

    • Being a brand is not easy. What direction should you choose today, and how should you evolve when the time comes? The Brand Leader Model 70 is a tool that provides focus when seeking to answer these questions

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  • Digital user experiences

    • This report looks at how digital user experiences help anchor and communicate a brand’s position in the market, by mapping them within Seventy Agency’s proprietary
      Brand Leader Model.  We will present what we call Experimenter, Visionary, Master and Dedicated experiences, exploring what defines these today and tomorrow.

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  • Leading in CSR

    • Leaders of tomorrow will build CSR into the core of their business and ensure that the way it is executed strengthens their overall positioning. Seventy Agency’s proprietary Brand Leader Model helps you navigate the complex landscape of brand building to develop CSR strategies with real impact.

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