Want a beautiful home but don’t know how?

  • Thought so. If you’re like us, there’s a pretty big gap between getting inspired by savvy pinteresters, and actually start curating that dream home of yours. That’s why we teamed up with Sweden’s leading retailer of high-end furniture, and created ”Studio Svensson” – a whole new type of interior service.

  • An instant success!

    • Day 1

      Studio Svenssons outsold the rest of Svenssons i Lammhult already on the first day of business

    • NPS 8.9

      In the first 3 months after launch

  • An agency - client collaboration like no other

    • Digitalization has disrupted all markets, including interior design. In order to get ahead of competition, the 118 year old furniture retailer Svenssons i Lammhult decided to venture into selling premium interior design services. It’s all about knowing most and being first. Studio Svenssons is the result of a 3-freakingly intensive months of collaboration between Svenssons i Lammhult and Seventy Agency.

  • From 0 to 100% in 3 months

    • Svenssons i Lammhult gave us free hands to define and launch their new business area. Based on customer interviews, observation studies, market research and business case modeling, we defined the new business area. We gave it it’s name Studio Svenssons, packaged a differentiated yet simple to understand service offering, launched a new digital experience and turned insights on customer drivers into effective yet beautiful communication.  

  • A more personal visual identity

    • The visual profile of Studio Svenssons showcases a more personal side of the Svenssons i Lammhult identity. With images of regular people and their loved ones in their homes, we showed that Studio Svenssons is for “Svenssons”.

  • It’s all about the magic-makers

    • Our magicians, the interior designers, were engaged from day 1. Together, we created the Studio Svenssons experience by defining each step of the customer journey and a template for the interior design presentation. In this way, each customer, no matter if they lived in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö or Lammhult could get the same professional experience from the first meeting to the final home delivery.