Bring a brand new telco operator to the Indonesian market

Bring a brand new telco operator to the Indonesian market

  • How do you bring a new telecom operator to market in the fourth biggest country in the world? How do you find a unique spot in a market crowded by thirteen different operators? With these questions we left Sweden with a curious mind to start a complex brand journey from the heart of Jakarta.

  • Technology innovation to bring broadband everywhere

    • By clever engineering and reuse of old spectrum from the NMT days our client can provide full-fledged 4G mobile broadband. Mobile broadband that can cover vast areas of Indonesia, far beyond the reach of ordinary LTE. In a country where fixed line internet is shaky at best and non-existent at worst, high speed mobile broadband can transform the lives for everyone.

    Feet on the street to get to know the market

    • Understanding Indonesia is not something you do from a desk in Jakarta. You have to get out and meet people. Through close to 100 interviews with prospective customers we learnt what matters to them, and how we could create an operator brand that is relevant for them. From urban metropolis of Jakarta to rural villages, no stone was left unturned to uncover hidden opportunities.

  • Crunching the numbers

    • Understanding people is the first step. The second is to understand the the monetary potential of the brand position. Combining a wide range of data sources (demographic, socio economic and primary data) we took on the challenge to estimate the market size for a number of different strategic routes (target group, product offering, geographical focus).

  • Setting the direction

    • Strategy is the art of simplification – condensing vast volumes of insights into a clear cut direction spelled out in a few sentences. From a few key market insights, we formulated a strategy that would set our client apart from all the other operators in the market. The role in the market set by the strategy, in turn, pointed to specific target groups, gave the corner stones for a differentiated offering, and clear market messages; the key ingredients for building a strong new brand.