What if you cross-breed finance with technology?

  • Then you get GP Bullhound. With a little help from Seventy, this global team of dealmakers is currently fuelling some of the world’s most interesting tech startups to gear up and take over the world.

    Woff woff.

  • Challenge the dinosaurs, or lead your own niche?

    • Both, of course. We found GP Bullhound at the center of a ”perfect storm”, where the dino… sorry, big banks and  investors, had really started to care about tech deals, and GP had grown to a point where they could define what it means to be a ”dealmaker in technology”. It means fusing the hunger and precision of finance with the creativity and agility of tech. And it means understanding entrepreneurs, by being one yourself. This became the essence of GP Bullhound’s new brand strategy.

  • A true passion for innovation

    • As dealmakers in technology, GP Bullhound provides independent strategic advice on mergers and acquisitions and private placements to entrepreneurs, companies and investors. By combining a true passion for innovation with great access to global buyers and capital across Europe, US and Asia, GP 

  • Creating an icon

    • The Bullhound is a powerful dog, born out of love between the craft of finance and the magic of technology. Bull stands for financial performance. Hound stands for intuition and knowledge. Together, the Bullhound represents loyalty and relentless drive, and we updated it as the company’s symbol and signature.

  • Getting close & personal

    • One thing separates entrepreneurs from corporations more than anything else – it’s all about the people. We decided that this should be a key part of GP Bullhound’s brand, by getting up-close and personal with both staff and the entrepreneur stars at the other end of the table. People trust people, when you can see true passion glowing in their eyes.