Our approach on Growth Marketing

  • Growth Marketing is about having a holistic and data-driven approach to all communication and marketing efforts, from a customer-first perspective. We help you grow your business, by understanding and adapting to the customers and their behaviour.

  • Why Growth Marketing at Seventy?

    • The one thing that differs the Growth Marketing offering from most digital marketing agencies is the approach and way of working with our Growth Framework. We don’t see each discipline within digital marketing as its own entity, but rather as a part of an ecosystem of touch points that drives the customer journey and creates measurable effect on tangible marketing goals. We use the See-Think-Do-Care Framework to understand and adapt to the user and their behaviour.

  • How We Do It

    • Growth Marketing is a process and way of working with digital marketing, which spans all the way from communicating your brand to driving online conversion and retention. Our Growth Marketing team brings together specialists you need to deliver fast, exciting solutions to new business opportunities.

    • Digital Analysis
      We ensure data quality through auditing, implementing and managing digital analytics setups as well as analyzing performance and behavior in digital touch points. We deliver actionable insights and seamless reporting. Combined with qualitative data, we establish hypotheses for optimization of both the marketing channel execution, website and app experiences.

    • Growth Strategy
      Looking at key business drivers, we set out goals, KPIs and supporting metrics and digital channel strategy according to the See, Think, Do, Care framework. Setting up an iterative optimisation process to advance hypotheses into executable opportunities for measurable business growth.

    • Website Optimization / CRO
      We enhance customer experience in digital touch points through user experience (UX) design, content, and growth-hack tactics including A/B testing of data-informed hypotheses refined in our ongoing growth analysis.

    • Social Media
      We help identify target audience, assess their expectations on various platforms, and implement an approach catered to their interests. We develop content strategies and help on-board and implement both paid and organic activations. We create and optimize ad assets in order to achieve set goals and top ROAS. In doing so, we drive the customer journey – through optimized content, and increase commercial interactions for business growth.

    • Search – SEO/SEM
      To tap into the (re)search behaviour of potential customers through adapting content, tactics and technology for paid and organic presence in search engines. to drive traffic with intentions in different consideration stages to the website in order to achieve performance on growth KPI:s

    • Content
      Depending on needs from a growth perspective, we produce everything from captivating communication concepts and films to channel and audience tailored social media posts to explanatory guides or super-tactical conversion copy.

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