We are fishing

  • Grundéns gear has been worn by commercial fishermen for more than 100 years and their iconic orange bibs can be spotted all the way from the Swedish West Coast to the harsh Alaskan seas. The company was founded, and is still run by fishermen families, to whom Grundéns is a way of life rather than a job.

    When we defined the new brand promise, the choice was obvious – We Are Fishing. This statement and philosophy set the tone for all that we later developed, including a new visual identity, website, photography and brand film.

  • Setting out on new adventures

    • With not much room for growth within commercial fishing, it was time for Grundéns to explore new opportunities. By performing a market study, we could not only confirm the potential of expanding into sport fishing, but we also identified a unique position within this market.

      The new direction was captured in a compelling brand platform and manifest. To help us navigate, we also developed core target personas.

    • 118 million
      people in Europe & USA go

    • $65 billion
      spent yearly on fishing related items and trips in Europe & USA

  • An identity emerging from the sea

    • We developed a new visual identity and tone of voice for Grundéns. Hues of blues and greys were chosen to represent the colours of the sea and sky, contrasted with the iconic orange on Grundéns-kitted fishermen. The horizon, so familiar to those offshore, is used as an important graphical element in the new identity.

  • A place for fishing gear and fishing stories

    • The website is designed to immerse the visitor in the world of fishing from the very start. Focusing on what matters, it’s mainly a place to learn about and buy the Grundéns gear. It’s also a place for fishing stories, with an editorial section celebrating the passion and commitment of fishermen across the globe.

      Through our film footage and photography, we focus on the shared moments and drive of the commercial and sport fishermen, building one strong brand that speaks to them both.