The ideas behind our rooms for learning

  • Kenneth Gärdestad, Kunskapsskolan’s chief architect who worked with Knowledge School since the first schools started talks about the ideas behind our rooms for learning. Kenneth is also known as song lyricist and wrote the lyrics to Ted Gärdestad songs.

  • When the world changes, learning must change with it

    • Kunskapsskolan has defined the Swedish model for private education for 20 years. But time has brought new competition and a world that looks nothing like it used to. Kunskapsskolan teamed up with Seventy to rethink their values for this new reality.

      Hint: they got a whole lot more than they asked for.


  • All abord!

    • 11 000

      Students involved in creating and activating the brand strategy

    • 1 100

      Teachers participating in almost 80 brand engagement workshops

  • A complete shift of mindset: From knowledge to skills

    • In a society where every individual has all the world’s knowledge in their hands, does it make sense to keep teaching it in schools? Of course not, yet that’s very much still the norm of education. After a rigorous study of trends in technology, education and work, we concluded that Kunskapsskolans brand should be based on a shift of mindset – from knowledge to skills (= the stuff you can not get from Google). We turned it into a new brand seal, that every student in every school can stand behind with pride.

  • Way beyond communication

    • If you set a strategy this ambitious, you’d better live it all the way. Together with Kunskapsskolan’s management, we created a plan for how to infuse curriculums as well as teaching methods with the mantra of knowledge, future and skills. Because if it succeeds, we’ll have thousands and thousands of the best communicators out there delivering our message every day.

  • Let students lead the way

    • Today’s students are nothing like we were in school, and certainly not Kunskapsskolan’s students. They actually chose their school to get more freedom to learn things their way, so we knew that a brand strategy that didn’t start with them would be a complete wast of time. In every step of the process we workshopped, tested and finally gave students responsibility for implementation.