The dream - make a better phone

  • OnePlus was born out of a simple, bold idea: make a better phone. But, not just a better phone – a better way of doing things.

  • The story behind the launch

    • Realizing the OnePlus’ success is build on the transparent relation between brand and fans, we have been documenting OnePlus’ journey from startup hype to global success – the wins, the fights, the defining moments. In the end, a strong documentary about the people behind the product. 

  • Intelligent innovations

    • Meet the OnePlus 3, an uncompromising flagship device built hand-in-hand with tech enthusiasts. Featuring the latest technology, premium design and plenty of intelligent innovations, the OnePlus 3 takes us back to our Never Settle roots. It’s about time. 

  • Celebrating the Never Settlers

    • OnePlus has one asset that sets it apart more than anything else: Fans. People who truly LOVE what the brand stands for, and who see themselves as its loyal ambassadors and representatives for OnePlus’ epic brand promise ’Never Settle’. Seventy has used the power of this community as the starting point for a whole new brand language that celebrates never settlers all around the world.

  • Does the world need yet another smartphone brand?

    • Not really, but the world needs OnePlus. Because OnePlus is everything that the others are not – thought through in every detail, from hardware to software, made by a family of young change makers, not a corporation. And oh, it’s half the price as well.

      OnePlus teamed up with Seventy to take the difficult step from startup hype to sustainable worldwide fame.

  • First Android phone that people actually que up for

    • 5,5 Million

      People on the waiting list for invites
      to buy the OnePlus 2, 
      only one week
      after launch.

    • 11 Pop Ups

      Thousands of people qued up for the OnePlus 2 pop-up launches in major cities all around the world.


  • All smartphones are created equal?

    • Of course not. OnePlus take pride in building the best communication machines that money can buy, in everything from choice of material to hardware specs to a uniquely customized Android OS. We wanted to show these products as the gems that they are, and set out to make the sharpest product celebrations this side of Cupertino.

  • Product launch? There’s an app for that.

    • No paid marketing is a key to OnePlus’ brand story (and it’s low price), and less money requires more creativity. For the launch of OnePlus X, we created ’Reflexions’ – a whole new photo app to drive user engagement and to highlight key features of the product.