A bank that is nothing like a bank

  • People usually don’t like banks. No wonder, because they seem  to do everything except the simple things we expect from them. Resurs has taken a different path – setting out to be ”The Leading Niche Bank” in the Nordics, with a clear focus to empower commerce between people and businesses. The bank for shops and shoppers if you wish. Seventy was brought in to help Resurs take this awesome concept to the next level.

  • Success by togetherness

    • 500

      Employees engaged in the brand implementation program

    • 3 into 1

      Merging 3 brands into 1 new Resurs Bank brand

  • From customer journey to experience atlas

    • People don’t shop the same way anymore (surprise…) but more importantly they don’t shop like each other. To help Resurs we knew that we needed to understand not just one customer journey, but ALL critical ”make or break” experiences. Through a combination of quantitative studies, online analytics, mystery shopping, deep interviews and plain observations, we unveiled a number of mind shifting insights that became the starting point for design and communication as well as new service concepts.

  • Together we brand

    • Today’s Resurs is the result of years of merging, acquiring and carefully puzzling together an optimal value proposition for today’s commerce. Now was the time to zoom out and unify the pieces into one powerful brand experience. To symbolize this unity, we decided that a simple circle would be the perfect brand symbol, and placed it in the dead center of all communications, as part of a new logo with infinite sub branding opportunities.

  • Numbers with personality

    • Next step in the visual identity was to create an ultra clean yet personal way to display numbers and figures. That’s kind of important if you’re a bank, right? So we looked into the world of mobile apps, from finance to running and training, for infographic inspiration and then applied new shapes, colors, icons and typography to create a functional platform for everything from letters and invoices to digital services and applications.

  • All abord! Training to be different

    • No strategy is better than its activation, and it needs to start from the inside. We wanted to equip every single one of Resurs’ 500 employees to be brand ambassadors and represent the difference that we had defined together. So we set up a process to train managers on all levels so they could train their teams in the new Resurs values and strategies. The process led up to a company-wide launch event where all members of all divisions of the company stood together under one flag for the first time.