The original Swedish family brewery

  • Spendrups was born as an anti-establishment brand in the 1980:s – the cosmopolitan disruptor of a state-controlled beer market. Fast forward 30 years, and Spendrups IS the establishment, challenged by a myriad of micro breweries and whole new cultures. Seventy was brought in with a crystal clear mission: revisit the original soul of Spendrups’, and revitalize it for a new generation of consumers (and brewers).

  • Welcome to the family

    • 800

      People engaged in the brand
      process – from owners to brewers
      to salesforce to truck drivers.

    • 29

      Brands in Spendrups’ portfolio, ranging from beer and wine to water and the Swedish holiday classic ”Julmust”

  • Understanding the soul of Spendrups

    • The first thing we learnt was that we had a super complicated mission on our hands  – company-wide brand strategies had been attempted many times before without success. Spendrups had grown too diverse we were told, and the business areas had no interest in their ”mother” anymore. We knew there was value to be found, so we visited (and surveyed) every single part of the company in search for Spendrups’ soul. We found it in the most expected place: the family. Not just the founding family, but the whole company felt part of a family with a common passion for brewing.

  • Big is beautiful even in beer

    • How do you create a brand value out of being BIG, in a market and culture that glorify what’s small and homegrown? That’s a tough nut to crack, but we did, with inspiration from whole other industries where the power that comes with size is used to be experimental – collaborating to create new experiences and research initiatives, employing people with niche competencies and gathering the industry to reinvent itself. This was the Spendrups we started imagining together.

  • Communicating the new Spendrups

    • We developed the communication strategy and plan to direct both internal and external communication on all platforms, including objectives for each separate target group. To communicate the brand and new direction internally, we designed a booklet that was distributed to all 800 employees. It told the story of the new Spendrups, why it is important for the company to evolve and also the role of each individual in this journey.

  • The storytellers of Spendrups

    • By photographing Spendrups employees and environments and using personal stories and quotes, we related the brand positioning to the day to day life and created a sense of pride of all that is fantastic about the company and its people.