Eyes eyes baby

  • First came the mouse, then the touch screen, and now, the eyes? Tobii is on a mission to turn your eyes into the next big UI revolution. Having already proved its power in areas like consumer research and special needs technology, Tobii’s vision is that its eye tracking technology will soon be integrated in just about every digital device – from cars to video games. Seventy’s job was to help Tobii turn this vision into a powerful brand, and get the company ready for its biggest milestone to date.

  • Eye-pea-o successful

    • 24 04 15

      Tobii went public at NASDAQ Stockholm in April 2015, at a valuation of 2,1 billion SEK.

    • 5 billion

      Is Tobii’s current market cap, which is double the IPO value. Conclusion: the world believes in the story we helped Tobii telling.

  • Three pillars, one big mission

    • Tobii is constantly exploring the boundaries of what eye tracking can do. As a result, the business consists of three distinctly different areas, all in need of its own brand tonality. At the same time, the group needed a clear and powerful identity to represent its leadership and the infinite potential of eye tracking. To make this possible, Seventy spent a lot of time understanding the core of each business area, and created a whole new brand architecture that struck the perfect balance between separate and unified brands, and made the whole feel much more powerful than the sum of its parts.

  • Sticking on the shoulders of giants

    • Embedding your technology in cars, video games and consumer electronics means putting your brand next to some of the biggest and most powerful in the world. For Tobii to earn a seat at the table (or rather, a sticker on the product), we created Eye-X, an ingredient brand to represent the power of eye tracking anywhere it creates a game-changing difference. We want people to start asking ”does that thing have Eye-X?” Because soon it will.

  • Come together right now

    • Uniting a company is so much bigger than logos and colors. If you can’t get people believing in the same future, and standing behind the same mission, everything else is waste. That’s why we put people first in every step of the process, from understanding the businesses to finding a common ground to integrate a cultural pallet that differs from gaming geeks to special need therapists, and everything in between.