Episode: 9

In AI we trust: GPT, the EU AI act and the pursuit of creating ethical and responsible AI

With the explosion of new AI applications enabled by GPT and other generative models, ensuring ethical and responsible AI has never been as important as now. But where does a business start and what is most critical to get right? Are businesses even equipped to ensure that models stay aligned with ethics and human values? It's time for businesses to review their compliance, especially with EU's AI act on it's way to be launched. We invited Anna Felländer, founder of Anch.AI for a very interesting and important conversation.

Links and sources:

The AI Act: https://artificialintelligenceact.eu/ 

Anch.AI: https://anch.ai/ 

NetDragon Websoft: https://www.independent.co.uk/tech/ai-ceo-artificial-intelligence-b2302091.html 

Aisthetic Apparel:



The Grey Area with Sean Illing and Timnit Gebru: https://www.stitcher.com/show/vox-conversations/episode/is-ethical-ai-possible-210621040 

Listen to episode here:
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