In a rapidly changing business landscape, organizations need a partner with a deep understanding of technology, markets, and top-notch creative experience to help unlock sustainable growth. We at Seventy co-create meaningful experiences with our clients that create value within a total brand ecosystem. Powered by the brilliant misfits that call Seventy their home, we harness the transformative force of tech and its impact on brands and the way they go to market. To help our clients to grow, we focus on three primary areas: Growth strategy, Brand development and Engaging experiences.

Growth Strategy

Technology disrupts businesses and reshapes market opportunities. Seventy helps you define sustainable growth strategies in this rapidly changing landscape.


Growth Opportunities

Fueled by the speed of technology, creative destruction constantly opens new doors, and shuts other doors. Seventy helps you identify the key areas where your business can seize growth, and create the strategies to make it happen.


Business Design

Changing consumer views, values and behaviors, and technology shifts disrupting industries requires new ways of thinking and opens up for new ways to grow your business. Seventy applies business intelligence, customer insights and market analytics to define new offerings and design the business of tomorrow.


Value Proposition

Generating new business starts with a clear promise of the value you will help create for your customers. Seventy helps you define what problems you solve and the value it brings.

Brand Development

Technology and new customer behaviors constantly evolve the rules of branding, from how a brand engages with the target audience to how it is best positioned on the market and how it looks, acts, interacts and communicates. Seventy helps you understand, develop, and define your brand for the future.


Brand Purpose

Every great brand begins with a strong, meaningful and unique reason for being. Seventy helps you define a brand purpose that guides your business forward with ambition, meaning and clarity.


Brand Personality

Between clutter and noise it’s not always about what you say — but rather how you say it. We create brands with brilliant magnetism and unmistakable character for both digital and physical spaces.


Experience DNA

When envisioning and defining how an experience comes alive, technology is key in all dimensions and in every interface. Seventy helps you define the DNA that is the core of your entire multi-sensory brand experience.

Engaging Experiences

Technology reshapes how a brand, product or service is expressed and experienced. Seventy develops experiences that engage the target audiences, utilizes technology and build long term value.


Visual & Motion Design

How we view, and interact with visual interfaces are constantly redefined by technology. Seventy fuses intelligent design and innovative motion concepts to merge business with beauty, making your brand build emotional bonds with people.


Engagement Concepts

Technology empowers you to engage with companies in new ways. Seventy crafts brand, campaign and design concepts that builds real value and has the power to redefine your brand and business


Connected Experiences

Technology enables true unified experiences that move effortlessly from a digital world into the physical space. At Seventy, we create wide-ranging concepts and solutions that tie your touch points and brand together.
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