Avicii X You gives a glimpse of what the future of music could look like.


We joined forces with Universal Music, Ericsson and Avicii – the world’s hottest DJ, to crowdsource his next hit song. Engaging thousands of bedroom producers from across the globe and building strong brand engagement in an innovative way.
Bedroom producers of the world unite, narrowing down almost 13 000 contributions into one song


Avicii only had one condition for the project: the song had to be awesome, or he wouldn’t release it. But how? Our solution was to simply reuse his normal production process – dividing the crowdsourcing into 5 stages, one for each layer of the track: melody, bassline, beats, effects and bridge.
In the end, Avicii used the winners of each stage to produce the final result.


But the result was so much more than a hit record – it created brand engagement on a whole other level than just clicking a like button. Consider this: if every contribution took three hours, fans spent a total of 2 700 days, or 7,5 years on the project.
The project also resulted in worldwide publicity for Avicii and Ericsson, and was recognized by Spotify as one of the most creative music projects ever.
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