on a mission to make kids realise that gaming apps and on-demand streaming are only parts of life, and not the whole experience.


By offering an endless array of home goods—everything from hardware to electrical gadgets—at affordable prices, Clas Ohlson has become the go-to shop for anyone who wants anything. That’s good business, but it was time to add a pinch of social responsibility to the mix.

Clas Ohlson tasked Seventy to create a concept with a particular mission in mind—to activate kids beyond their smartphones.


We’d never pretend to know what goes on in the minds of kids these days. To not fall back on our own preconceptions, we set up our own advisory board of kids that we could constantly bounce ideas off. We got them and their parents to co-create with us in workshops, allowing us to soak up the insights.
We wanted kids to lower their screens for a second and even—knock on wood—create things with their own two hands.


We know the imagination of kids is off the rails, but trusting them to see the creative potential of packed products on shelves might be stretching it—so we decided to show it to them.

The concept “Make & Play by Clas Ohlson” was launched in stores nationwide, with action-packed spaces for kids and their parents to create and play together. Online we invited them to explore our content hub, stocked with inspiring DIY ideas and challenges.
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