Grundéns iconic orange bibs can be spotted on fishermen all the way from the Swedish west coast to the harsh Alaskan seas.


After spearheading commercial fishing for the last 100 years, Grundéns was facing stagnating growth. Restrictive catch quotas have reduced market potential, and new technology is rapidly automating the fishing industry, rendering the worlds fishermen redundant—along with superior fishing apparel.


Our market study confirmed that commercial fishing is slowing down, but it also showed that fishing out of passion—a.k.a sport fishing—is on the rise. Regardless if you’re paying or getting paid to fish, wouldn’t the most protective rain gear in the world interest you?

To find out we went fishing—both with hardened professionals and passionate amateurs.
The grudge between the two schools was obvious, but their love of the ocean was undeniable. In the end of the day—they’re all fishing.


The brand promise we developed—We are fishing—doesn’t focus on how people do it and for what purpose, but on the simple fact that they all love fishing. This new positioning gave Grundéns the power to break down the barrier of commercial and sport fishing and ultimately—making themselves the uniting factor.

Everything we created for the brand—visual identity, website, photography and brand film, etc.—was inspired by the ocean, putting Grundéns products next to the commitment and passion of fishermen around the globe.
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