using a human touch to create the new nordic local it challenger


As the companies Zetup, IT-partner, Dicom and IT total was acquired and merged into one, a new challenger was brought to the Nordic IT market. But as always during a merge, company cultures were destined to clash. We needed to build one brand, with a unified vision that could still rest firmly on the local entrepreneurial spirit across all 34 Nordic offices.


In an industry where corporations tend to centralize, Nordlo had a different idea. By allowing each office freedom in decision-making, they could continue to build close, personal and local relationships – while still reaping all the perks and benefits a bigger organization can brings. This got us thinking: how would a Nordic technology brand focused on closeness of the human connection look like?
Nordlo’s ambition is to grow in the Nordic market, while always staying true to its local roots


By detaching from technology, instead focusing on people, relationships and closeness, we challenged the image of how an IT company looks and feels. Nordlo derives from “Nordic” and “local”, where both the name and visual identity infuse the brand with elements from the Nordic nature. To fully capture the human aspect of the new brand, the brand concept invited everyone to Get Closer – to technology, to innovation, to tailored solutions, and to Nordlo.

Seventy also produced the website, movies, still imagery and digital assets for the full launch campaign.
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