simply better nuts for those who expect more


Consumers today are educated, interested and invested in eating food that has been produced with love and care. This reflects back on brands, where drivers such as taste, origin, passion and craft are becoming even more important in building both business and success.

Looking at the nut category, however, you’ll find greasy nuts in glossy plastic packages and generic pick & mix shelves. Consumers are supposed to shovel nuts into bags without caring, and what essentially is a fantastic product gets treated like bulk – something you have before falling asleep on the couch on a Friday night.

This was the case for Cloetta’s nut brand Nutisal as well. But at a premium price level, 30% higher than its competitors.


It was clear something needed to be done. But before re-inventing Nutisal, we took a step back and looked at competitors, trends and the overall snacking category. Talked to people inside the company, dived into its history and took a tour of the factory. Once we’d done that, we realized everything was right there:

People. Passion. Craft. Taste. Legacy. And fire.

Traits unique to the brand, miles away from the bulky greasiness that dominated the category.
Bringing new life to Nutisal was not about reinvention
- but to rediscover the soul it already had, claiming a position unique to the market as a result.


The future of Nutisal is built on a legacy of craft and passion. By infusing earthy colors, proud typography and putting the nuts front and center, everything was stripped down to its essence. We moved away from factory processes and glossy bags portrayed with flying nuts and special effects and started talking about a roastery where things are made by skilled people and refined craft. So, what is Nutisal then?

Simply better nuts for those who expect more.
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