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Everyone has a good story. so let’s stop talking About Sweden and instead let the people that define sweden tell the tale


The Swedish Institute had a tricky task: to reshape and communicate the collective brand of an entire country, consisting of roughly 10 million opinions. They tasked Seventy to reinvent their YouTube channel and turn it into a reliable place for swede-related knowledge and entertainment.


With some YouTube success in the past, the Swedish Institute was no newcomer to online media. However, while one movie got praised by viewers another was left out in the cold. They needed to stop jumping from one idea to the next in hope for more views. What if they were to start from the ground up: forming creative guidelines to establish a red thread amongst future productions, backed by a sound marketing strategy for their digital channels?
By creating an overarching concept, setting the creative direction for future filmmaking, the Swedish Institute can grow into a more mature YouTube channel


On the premise that a country is defined by its people, we crafted the concept ”Stories from Sweden”; a series of documentaries featuring everyday change-makers and challengers that strive for a better life in their community, or simply dare to go their own way for self-fulfilment. To set the creative direction, we made the first five stories come alive on screen: from Sara and sustainable fashion to pop-star Robyn and the empowerment of women.
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