A NEW BRAND AND IDENTITY FOR THE LARGEST technology company in the nordics


With an annual turnover of EUR 3 billion, Tietoevry is the largest technology and IT company in the Nordics. Employing around 24 000 experts globally, they serve thousands of enterprises and public sector customers in more than 90 countries — creating solutions that impact the everyday lives of millions of people around the world.

In late 2020, Seventy and Tietoevry set out on a bold journey together — rethinking, re-engineering, and reinventing a completely new brand with the power to create better futures for everyone: businesses, societies, and humanity at large.


In a rapidly changing world, technology is everything.  It's in the fabric of society. In every part of every business. At the very heart of human evolution. It’s a great power that comes with great responsibility — because ethical dilemmas emerge wherever new technology is adopted to transform business practices.

To create futures where businesses, societies, and humanity are aligned, it's not about what technology could do–but what it should do.


To express the essence of the new Tietoevry, we created a brand and identity that lives in the intersection between humanity and technology. It combines friction with a progressive, creative, and responsible way forward — changing the way Tietoevry does business while claiming a new position in the market.

This is the new Tietoevry. Developers of digital futures, creative purposeful technology that reinvents the world for good.
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