Our Approach to Growth Marketing

Our framework for digital marketing

Many companies are communicating through their online presence, but few actually know how their audience behaves, or if their efforts have any success reaching customers. Growth Marketing is the process of strategising digital marketing — to communicate your brand with intention, convey your value, and drive online conversion and retention. 

We don’t treat each discipline within digital marketing as an isolated silo, but rather as part of an ecosystem. Our framework, specifically designed to tap into this connected network, drives the customer journey forward through the sales funnel, creating measurable impact on tangible marketing goals.

How we do it?

Gathering qualitative and reliable data is key to making sound business decisions. That means implementing, managing and auditing your digital analytics setups across all digital touch points. By analysing customer behaviour, we can give you an endless array of actionable insights for on-point optimisation of your website, application experiences and marketing channel execution.

- Growth Strategy

Based on your key business drivers, we set out goals, KPIs and supporting metrics to form a digital (channel) strategy according to the growth framework. This allows us to quickly move from hypothesis to executable opportunities for business growth.

- Website Optimization/CRO

The analyzation of data and the testing of relevant hypotheses give us crucial insights how to deal with potential bottlenecks. Through User Experience Design, content creation and growth-hack tactics we improve the customer experience in all digital touch points.

- Social media

By identifying your target audience on various platforms, along with their expectations, we create a strategy to satisfy their specific needs. Whether it’s through paid or organic activations, the ad asset will be optimised to achieve set goals, top ROAS and business growth.

- Search - SEO/SEM

Adapting content, tactics and technology, both for paid and organic presence, according to your customers’ search behaviours will maximise your presence in search engines. It will also help us drive traffic intentionally to suitable pages on your website. By always being one step ahead, guiding the customers to exactly where they want to go, we can improve performance on growth KPIs.

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