The Relationship Between Strategy and Creative

When it comes to holistic, modern branding the synchronization of strategy and creative is crucial. If business needs aren’t being met by brand strategy, then the creative work will fail—and on the other hand strategy will not work if it is not reinforced creatively. Previously, these work streams were viewed as separate, but we’ve seen a shift in the industry. With everything converging, it has become impossible to separate the two. Successful branding in today’s environment demands that they are thought out and developed simultaneously.

But it’s not the only key factor. Another key aspect to successful branding is client involvement. The client will always know the product and the business needs of the company best. As strategic and creative consultants, we can apply an outside perspective and we can help to speed up change. But it would never work without an effective partnership with our clients. To build strong relationships with audiences, there has to be a partner-driven relationship between client and agency, and lots of iteration and communication.

In looking at branding in the next 5-10 years, we see the brands driving sustainable initiatives being the ones that thrive. Brands will need to answer these environment and sustainability challenges while also providing real value in people’s lives and remaining culturally relevant. These are not easy things to live up to and not all brands will succeed. But for the ones that try, the future looks bright!

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