Transforming Mundane Products with Compelling Branding

With the relative ease in which today’s products and services can be copied or improved upon, branding remains fundamental to driving market share. Marketers have responded with a renewed emphasis for finding, developing, and sharing the unique stories that define their brand. But after a cursory look, many buy into the falsehood that their industry, or worse, their brand is bereft of any unique, valuable, or engaging narrative.

First of all, we need to stop believing that anything is inherently boring—everything has a story. People tend to believe that something that is serious or practical must be explained in a way that reflects this, maybe by using complicated jargon or conservative fonts and colors. This in turn can make things even more dull in an attempt to be seen as serious.

If we are willing to dig deep enough, we can always find a story to tell—and if we still find nothing at the bottom of your hole, we can make something up. We know that humans are drawn to things that invoke emotion whether it’s happiness, sadness, fear or surprise.  It’s our duty as brand and business experts to find what’s meaningful regardless of the industry. At Seventy, we embrace the challenge and we believe that any brand can go from mundane to extraordinary. Dare not to be accepted by all but loved by many.

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